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Being Alpha

Being Alpha / Houses


Arcadian as the leader of the pack knows how to be a true leader. How one’s leadership skills can lead to everyone working together and supporting each other with love , patience and for the passion to win not by making someone feel low but moving together towards the victory. We believe in sharing love and encouraging others thats why we are always their to help the domestic staff. We even collected donations and went on food drives to help one in needs

Even after scoring 4th place in crickets we sticked to our true self and fought and scored 1st place in football , securing 1st and 3rd place in table tennis and being the runner ups in throw ball remained still but amazing people on board who are not just part of our wolf pack but are representing themselves internationally.

We couldn’t ace the packwar but we won the best decor of the event. But lets not forget that house cup is still remaining and we are definitely gonna win the house cup this time. Here comes the leadersgor the pack!!