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What is the iseph initiative?




Physical Health Initiative

The Individual, Social, Emotional and Physical Health Initiative aims to provide information for the whole school community, of the learning that is going on in ISEPH. It has been designed in recognition of the fact that learning is a developmental process and that the phases a learner passes through are not always linear or age related. For this reason, the content is presented in bands or stages for each of the four components of ISEPH; identity, active living, emotional well-being and interactions. For each of the component, there is a description and a set of overall expectations. The overall expectations provide a summary of the conceptual understandings and subsequent learning being developed in each phase within a component.

Learning in each component will always be about an individual's personal experience at first. The circle of discovery will be expanded to the immediate surroundings next and the circle will keep expanding at every subsequent phase. The final goal is to develop individuals who are well-rounded and know enough to find their place in the world, to be international citizens.