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Academics / Core Curriculum

Our Curriculum

A socio-constructivist approach

At Alpha Core, curriculum development has two key influences. The first is the constructivist theory of children's learning and development, where the individuality of children is emphasised, and teachers must constantly adjust their methods to accommodate the learning process for each child within the curriculum framework. Children are seen as active participants in their learning. They develop theories about the natural world, and are encouraged to test their ideas in real world settings. The second is the emphasis on culture and what actually takes place in an educational environment. Known as socio-cultural constructivism, this approach is highly relevant in a multicultural society and will help the children develop international-mindedness.

The core curriculum comprises of three components


Based on the three domains of learning namely, cognitive, affective and psychometer, this component includes the structure of all the content and skill to be taught, this is the pre-planning phase for the curriculum


This component includes methods and approaches towards teaching the written curriculum,. This is the 'during' phase of teaching. We have used the VARK model of learning to make sure our instuctional methods are innclusive.


This component enlist all the different methods we will use to reflect back on our performance. A variety of assessment techniques will be used to make sure every kid has a chance to shine. Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory, this is the 'reviewing' phase of teaching.

The foundation courses included
in the written curriculum are


Social Studies

And Science